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Wedding DJ Prices | Wedding DJ Cost | MY DJs

Wedding DJ Prices – Wedding DJ Cost

The question of wedding DJ prices is an interesting one, because practically every DJ in the country prices their services a different way. Simply asking “how much does a wedding DJ cost?” won’t tell the whole story, because you have to ensure that you’re comparing apples to apples when looking at different price quotes from DJs.Some DJs will have a flat hourly rate with no minimum, others will do a 4 or 5 hour minimum and then charge the same amount (or less) per hour for overtime. Others will offer a flat-rate package that includes as much time as you might need.

The largest amount of diversity seems to be around how much equipment is included in a DJ’s price quote. Some DJ companies (like us) include everything, while others will include one basic sound system and then try to “up-sell” their clients on upgraded gear, additional sound systems for the ceremony or cocktail hour, additional speakers, wireless microphones, and even party lights.

We’re of the mindset that DJing weddings isn’t rocket science, and figuring out how much a DJ costs shouldn’t be either. MY DJs is proud to offer an all-inclusive, flat-rate package that includes 4-6 hours of performance time and all the audio equipment necessary to ensure your wedding sounds great. There are no additional charges, no hidden fees, no upgrades, and no surprises. Wasn’t that easy?

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