What Does A Photographer Have To Say About A DJ

What Does A Photographer Have To Say About A DJ

What Does A Photographer Have To Say About A DJ?

The wedding crew, no matter how many individual people does one hire, they all are a team, and at least that is what’s expected of them. They should act like professionals, if they cannot support each other; they should certainly not step in between other people’s work.

DJs are one of a kind, they certainly not mingle in well with just anybody, they have their own zone, own world to live in. let’s just be honest, such a behavior can do your event more damage. There are multiple wedding photographers who have admitted that thing just didn’t seem to go well with a few stubborn DJs while working.

Are DJs Really Team Players?

It is highly important for a DJ to consider himself as a part of the whole wedding team. There are multiple moments in the wedding which are aligned in the line by the effective work of the DJ, such as the first dance, the one in which the groom kisses the bride, the dance of the bride and her father, as much as these moments are there to live: they need to be captured as well, therefore it is important for the photographer to collaborate with the DJ. If the DJ is not nice enough to cooperate things might start going down the drain, and the wedding will not be as the couple expected it to be.

Are DJs Really Good At What They Claim?

Parties and DJs certainly go together well, but the wedding reception? Yes, to say the least. There are some highly professional DJs who deliver exactly what they claim to, they engage the whole audience, and create the wedding event into one magical evening. But there many cases in which the DJs did not turn out to be as professionals they claimed to be, and the event ended up being, dull and boring, with proper scrutiny one should defiantly go for a DJ who’s more experienced.

Are DJ’s Understanding Enough To Not Make The Wedding A Promotional Event?

Well there are a lot of DJs who are seen to carry out their own promotional activities during the wedding, leaving business cards, brochures etc could prove to be distracting for the guests and inappropriate to take place in a wedding. A DJ should focus on performing the best of their services which is a promotion in itself. If people certainly did not have a good time a wedding, they will not care about your business cards lying on the table. But if it was worth a wonderful experience, they will defiantly look around for your contact whenever needed.

Too Lighting Can Damage The Wedding Pictures, Mr. DJ

The DJs certainly needs to understand the fact that Led lights in the wedding photos will make the couple appear as if they are partying in a bar. This makes the pictures not so idealistic and appealing, therefore, a DJ should collaborative enough to dim the Led lights for the photographer to get great shots of the couple.

There are little things which if the DJ does the right way the wedding could possibly become the most wonderful time for the couple; it certainly is the most perfect time for them. But right efforts could add on to their satisfaction and happiness.

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