San Diego Rowing Club

San Diego Rowing Club (Garty Pavilion) – San Diego Wedding DJs

Venue provided by San Diego Rowing Club (Garty Pavilion) Weddings.

Here at the San Diego Rowing Club’s Garty Pavilion, MY DJs Wedding DJ Touch Blevins provides a collection of Jazz music during the cocktail and dinner hour.

Garty Pavilion Reception

As the evening opens up, DJ Touch Blevins slowly opens the dance floor with some country and 80’s pop.

Garty Pavilion Reception

Even as the night continues on, the party keeps going strong as the dance floor moves to the sounds Top 40’s Pop, Motown, and a splash of Hip Hop.


Brent and Kristin Buchhagen share a magical moment watching San Diego Bay’s firework display.

Brent and Kristin Buchhagen

Brent and Kristin Buchhagen take a moment with DJ Touch Blevins.

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