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Importance of Communication with Wedding DJ and Couple

As a couple, you’d normally expect to have a wedding reception playlist that keeps the people stimulated and makes them want to dance on the dance floor. But the job of a wedding DJ goes beyond than just playing music, as they also play a part in being an emcee at your wedding and make sure that the guests remain entertained and the night smoothly progresses.

So, it is essential to have proper communication of the couple with the wedding DJ, as the DJ also needs to communicate with the wedding vendors, photographers, etc. As DJ is the one that will handle various aspects of the reception. When everything is properly communicated through between the couple and DJ, the couple can focus on their big day, and leave the Wedding DJ to do their job. Below are the reasons why communication between the couple and the wedding DJ can change the whole mood of the wedding and keep the guests entertained.

Schedule Time and Plan

Scheduling time is essential for a wedding, as the reception goes on for hours. Throughout that time, the introduction of the wedding part is done, toasts, cake cutting, as well as many other things. So, when the wedding DJ and the couple communicate and plan things, things go smoothly. The Wedding DJ will be aware of the timing when things or announcements are intended to occur, so they take place on scheduled time. Similarly, the couple should be able to communicate the timings or any announcements they want to be made.


The job of a wedding DJ goes beyond than just playing music, as they also play a part in being an emcee at your wedding and make sure that the guests remain entertained. So, couples should be able to communicate what type of music they want to be played at the wedding. So, it is important to communicate the playlist for the wedding.

Managing Dances

As the reception tends to go on for hours, you might end up announcing for a dance so people can start enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Whatever soundtrack you might want in the background, it is important for the couple to guide the wedding DJ thoroughly, so everything goes according to the plan. It is better than having the DJ change the music on the day of your wedding.

Other Concerns

There be other concerns related to the timing of the wedding, music, or anything else. Sitting down and communicating the questions in advance is easier than making adjustments on the day of your wedding. The wedding DJ can do his/her best if they know what you want. It is equally essential for the DJ to have good communication skills, so they can find a way to work around whatever the couple wants. Planning before the wedding will help both the couple and DJ deliver everything seamlessly, and this way, the DJ knows what he needs to do to make your day memorable.

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Breakers Beach Coronado Wedding DJs

Of all the reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer, the fact that your wedding day will be full of once-in-a-lifetime moments that you’ll want to cherish forever has to be the top! From the first look to the first kiss to the first dance, you want to be sure your photographer not only captures the moments but captures the mood, the energy, and the nuance that makes those moments truly yours. When you hire a professional photographer, you can rest assured all those moments will be brilliantly captured, plus they are going to see and capture all the little moments that you probably didn’t even notice on the day.

Featured On: June Bug Weddings  by Juliette

Photos by:Meg Marie Photography

MYDJS partnered with Meg Marie for Lidia and Jessica’s wedding at Breakers Beach in Coronado

DJ Christian Baeza: Bilingual DJ/Emcee, DJ Baeza is the one that you can rely on to get the job done in both Spanish and English genres of music. At a young age, DJ Baeza has always been tremendously inclined to music and always the one to take over the music playlist at any party.


Check out all the Amazing Vendors:

Photography by:Meg Marie Photography

Cake: Coronado Cupcakery/Rosalina 

Florals: Petals by Katie

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Green Gables Estates Wedding DJs

Event: Wedding ceremony and reception at Green Gables

Clients: Lauren & Evan #Kleenteam

DJ:  Earl Henry 

DJ Services: Professional DJ and MC for ceremony and reception, Party lights, Photobooth  Up-lights,Monogram,  

Photographer: Nancy DiBenedetto (photos not shown)

Party Light tree and Monogram Lighting set the ambiance for any venue.


DJ Earl “Swoll” Henry performing the “Smooth Swoll” Line Dance with wedding guests!




Happy Newlyweds had a wonderful night!

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