Snell 50th Birthday Party

Snell 50th Birthday Party

DJ Booth Cabana

A late afternoon in August is always a great excuse for a pool party, in this case it was also the occasion of a 50th birthday for Snell Family. Even in this summer heat, DJ DeOndre (Dre Motion), stayed cool underneath a wooden cabana.

DJ Booth Cabana 2

A scenic view of DJ DeOndre’s booth underneath the cabana.

Poolside Bar

During the earlier hours of the evening, people stayed cool next tot he Poolside bar enjoying music that traversed from Rock, Country, and Alternative Hip Hop.

End of the evening

Towards the end of the evening, DJ DeOndre took a moment with client Casey Snell (left) and Bartender Stephanie Yauch (right).

DJ for the the Evening: DJ DeOndre Essex

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