Importance of Communication with Wedding DJ and Couple

As a couple, you’d normally expect to have a wedding reception playlist that keeps the people stimulated and makes them want to dance on the dance floor. But the job of a wedding DJ goes beyond than just playing music, as they also play a part in being an emcee at your wedding and make sure that the guests remain entertained and the night smoothly progresses.

So, it is essential to have proper communication of the couple with the wedding DJ, as the DJ also needs to communicate with the wedding vendors, photographers, etc. As DJ is the one that will handle various aspects of the reception. When everything is properly communicated through between the couple and DJ, the couple can focus on their big day, and leave the Wedding DJ to do their job. Below are the reasons why communication between the couple and the wedding DJ can change the whole mood of the wedding and keep the guests entertained.

Schedule Time and Plan

Scheduling time is essential for a wedding, as the reception goes on for hours. Throughout that time, the introduction of the wedding part is done, toasts, cake cutting, as well as many other things. So, when the wedding DJ and the couple communicate and plan things, things go smoothly. The Wedding DJ will be aware of the timing when things or announcements are intended to occur, so they take place on scheduled time. Similarly, the couple should be able to communicate the timings or any announcements they want to be made.


The job of a wedding DJ goes beyond than just playing music, as they also play a part in being an emcee at your wedding and make sure that the guests remain entertained. So, couples should be able to communicate what type of music they want to be played at the wedding. So, it is important to communicate the playlist for the wedding.

Managing Dances

As the reception tends to go on for hours, you might end up announcing for a dance so people can start enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Whatever soundtrack you might want in the background, it is important for the couple to guide the wedding DJ thoroughly, so everything goes according to the plan. It is better than having the DJ change the music on the day of your wedding.

Other Concerns

There be other concerns related to the timing of the wedding, music, or anything else. Sitting down and communicating the questions in advance is easier than making adjustments on the day of your wedding. The wedding DJ can do his/her best if they know what you want. It is equally essential for the DJ to have good communication skills, so they can find a way to work around whatever the couple wants. Planning before the wedding will help both the couple and DJ deliver everything seamlessly, and this way, the DJ knows what he needs to do to make your day memorable.

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What Does A Photographer Have To Say About A DJ

What Does A Photographer Have To Say About A DJ?

The wedding crew, no matter how many individual people does one hire, they all are a team, and at least that is what’s expected of them. They should act like professionals, if they cannot support each other; they should certainly not step in between other people’s work.

DJs are one of a kind, they certainly not mingle in well with just anybody, they have their own zone, own world to live in. let’s just be honest, such a behavior can do your event more damage. There are multiple wedding photographers who have admitted that thing just didn’t seem to go well with a few stubborn DJs while working.

Are DJs Really Team Players?

It is highly important for a DJ to consider himself as a part of the whole wedding team. There are multiple moments in the wedding which are aligned in the line by the effective work of the DJ, such as the first dance, the one in which the groom kisses the bride, the dance of the bride and her father, as much as these moments are there to live: they need to be captured as well, therefore it is important for the photographer to collaborate with the DJ. If the DJ is not nice enough to cooperate things might start going down the drain, and the wedding will not be as the couple expected it to be.

Are DJs Really Good At What They Claim?

Parties and DJs certainly go together well, but the wedding reception? Yes, to say the least. There are some highly professional DJs who deliver exactly what they claim to, they engage the whole audience, and create the wedding event into one magical evening. But there many cases in which the DJs did not turn out to be as professionals they claimed to be, and the event ended up being, dull and boring, with proper scrutiny one should defiantly go for a DJ who’s more experienced.

Are DJ’s Understanding Enough To Not Make The Wedding A Promotional Event?

Well there are a lot of DJs who are seen to carry out their own promotional activities during the wedding, leaving business cards, brochures etc could prove to be distracting for the guests and inappropriate to take place in a wedding. A DJ should focus on performing the best of their services which is a promotion in itself. If people certainly did not have a good time a wedding, they will not care about your business cards lying on the table. But if it was worth a wonderful experience, they will defiantly look around for your contact whenever needed.

Too Lighting Can Damage The Wedding Pictures, Mr. DJ

The DJs certainly needs to understand the fact that Led lights in the wedding photos will make the couple appear as if they are partying in a bar. This makes the pictures not so idealistic and appealing, therefore, a DJ should collaborative enough to dim the Led lights for the photographer to get great shots of the couple.

There are little things which if the DJ does the right way the wedding could possibly become the most wonderful time for the couple; it certainly is the most perfect time for them. But right efforts could add on to their satisfaction and happiness.

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The Emcee is Important

Importance of Being an Emcee at a Wedding

Having a wedding DJ is important but having an Emcee is essential. The job of an emcee is to know how to control a crowd and hold the crowd involved whenever necessary. An emcee is your wedding host, who makes sure that everyone has a fantastic time. A good wedding emcee host does more than the job of making sure people are entertained or making a couple of jokes.

They ensure that everything runs properly and announce every person who is about to speak, along with significant events. An emcee changes the whole outlook of a wedding ceremony, they have a very important role, and including making sure everything runs seamlessly, making sure that everybody is in their positions before making any announcements, making sure to keep the guests entertained, and many other things. Listed below are some of the points on why being an emcee at a wedding is important.

Role of an Emcee at a Wedding

An emcee role at a wedding is to lead the guests and inform the wedding party about what is going on, and what they might anticipate happening in the immediate future.


It is always important to know; the couple is the focus of the event. An emcee has a part to play in ensuring that in the middle of the ceremony, music, food, that the night progresses on smoothly. The guests arrive to indulge themselves in having a good time and celebrate with the couple, but nobody wants to waste hours waiting for the next thing to take place at a wedding reception.


The importance of being an emcee at a wedding is that you place the couple in the spotlight. And refrain from taking the chance into cracking jokes when it is not needed. As an emcee, you’d want to do your job by focusing on what the couple wants and be a lively host.

Preference of the Couple

Your role as being an emcee at a wedding is to make sure you form an understanding with the couple before the reception. This way, you can get to understand the style, plan, and expectations the couple may have. Each couple has a different plan for how they want the event to be. As an emcee, at some places, you might follow a script, whereas, often you would be expected to crack jokes to keep the guests entertained and shine a bright light on the couple.

Other Duties

Other duties you will be expected to perform as an emcee is, make a brief introduction about yourself before any announcement so the guests can familiarize themselves with you, refrain from being a stand-up comedian, introducing the speakers, and the special moments carefully, always keeping the couples in the spotlight. An emcee is also important at a wedding because they can easily eliminate awkward moments by keeping the guests entertained and coordinating with everyone, so they are all in the same place before announcements and photographs.

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