Paradise Point (Sunset Lawn) Wedding

Paradise Point (Sunset Lawn) Wedding

Dusk was lightly setting across the gentle island on Mission Bay. Though the sun was fading on this Sunday evening, it wasn’t much cooler along the shores of Paradise Point. Here guest were gathering upon the sunset lawn overlooking the elegant Mission Bay, as MY DJs Wedding DJ Earl Henry provided ambiance for a ceremony celebrating Dennis and Stacie Wyrick.

Guest gathered on the Sunset Lawn of Paradise Point.


During the Wyrick’s Dinner hour on the Sunset Lawn, DJ Earl Henry provides ambiance utilizing a tablet device and PA system. Using this setup enables our DJs to have two simultaneous setups without sacrificing the time of a serious teardown.


When the night falls, the party is just getting started as everyone gets funky in the Sunset Room of Paradise Point. MY DJs Wedding DJ Earl Henry knows how to get everyone to the dance floor.

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