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What Makes Us Good Wedding DJs

Three Things That Make a Wedding DJ Good

  1. Caring. “Caring” feeds passion. “Caring” motivates and creates action.Very little can happen without it.

  2. Talent. Defined many ways, but is easily recognized when experienced.

  3. Love. Love fuels all great performers. Unconditional Love with no expectations. That’s why they “give” a performance – it’s an act of giving. When a wedding DJ loves her/his clients, everything stems from that – every action; every decision; everything.

True talent is indicated by a performance that removes the need for sales/marketing/advertising.


    1. Caring.  Her/his website and online presence reflects caring.  Most content and posts will reveal ideas that benefit clients first. It will not be about self-interests.  The actions of a “caring” wedding DJ are noticeable.  She/he will actuallyput the clients needs above her/his own. “Putting the client first” is not an advertising slogan or “sales” trick. They ask themselves, “Does it benefit the client? Or does it benefit me?”  If the answer is, “me,” it’s abandoned immediately.  This applies to the “sales” process, consultations, performance, and follow-up.  Stay away from DJs that scream, “Me! Me! Me.”

    2. Talent. There will be proof of talent development and background.  If not an employment history in the entertainment industry,  there will be a history in entertainment and talent training and education, i.e. college courses, community theater, talent agency workshops, private workshops/coaching, etc.  True talent is indicated by a performance that removes the need for sales/marketing/advertising.  The performance itself becomes the strongest and most effective sales/marketing/advertising – it sells itself.  DJs who do not “care” do not develop their talent.

DJs who do not “care” do not develop their talent.

  1. Love. High demand, regardless of price, is one indication of Love.  Clients feel Love and respond to it.  They can feel when a DJ has their best interest in her/his heart. And they see it when the choices made obviously put the client first. Responsiveness before, during, and after the engagement. Staging. Choice of words. Working to be the best s/he can be for the benefit of the client. These are a few indicators.

  2. Price.  Price is another indicator. You might think that a “high” price is an example of “self-interest.” It’s not. You will find that Wedding DJs with a great deal of passion, caring, talent, and love for you – the client – and for what they do as artists and service providers, also feel the same way about their families. This love, caring, and passion for life is reflected in all that they do. Naturally, they would work very hard to provide well for their families while doing something that they love doing for people – clients – they love too. That means that they’ll do all that they can to make sure that their clients are well-cared for – as mentioned before. They also want to make sure that their families are well-cared for. And if I can be candid with you… A “high-priced” wedding DJ isn’t really very high-priced at all. It may only seem high when compared to wedding DJs that don’t exhibit the qualities I’ve described here.

A “high-priced” wedding DJ isn’t really very high-priced at all. Talented, Loving, and Caring wedding DJs cost more, which is to your benefit.


Talented, Loving, and Caring wedding DJs cost more. And that is to your benefit too.They have to live up to your higher expectations or they go out of business. Find a “high-priced” wedding DJ that’s in demand, and you’ll find someone who has what it takes to make your event spectacular – TLC.


Source:  Mark K. Ferrell

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Best Tips for Dancing the Night Away

Let your DJ/MC be interactive

To revive a dead dance floor, have your MC get a bit more interactive, suggests DJ Earl Henry. “As a professional DJ my job is to make sure everyone is having a good time celebrating the guests of honor.” DJ “Hot Chocolate” moves out into the crowd while singing, even dancing with grandma! DJs can orchestrate some fun competitions or games.”

It’s all about YOU!

A good wedding DJ & MC knows that it’s all about YOU!  It’s not about the DJ.  Every wedding should be custom tailored to what each bride and groom are looking for.-Says DJ Gill Sotu. No one can resist a smiling bride and groom on the dance floor,.


Bottom line, interview your DJ& MC and make sure that you have that ying and yang with them, that warm and fuzzy feeling! MY DJS is fully dedicated to giving the highest possible quality of entertainment and professionalism. We invite our clients to our studio for a live performance and professional interview environment!

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The Things Your Wedding DJ Can Do


Your wedding DJ will play a vital role on your big day—and it’s actually more than just playing music to fill the dance floor. In fact, a wedding DJ has many jobs to do, some of which you’ll see, others that are more under-the-radar. That’s why hiring a well-reviewed professional is totally worth it (meaning, creating a Spotify playlist, plugging your iPhone into some speakers, and calling it a day really won’t cut it).

Here are the things you probably didn’t know your rockstar wedding DJ can do—aside from playing major tuneage, that is.

Helps enforce the day-of timeline

While your wedding planner and/or venue will likely take the lead on creating your wedding-day timeline, an experienced DJ will certainly contribute, since he/she knows how long certain parts of the reception will take. What’s more, your wedding DJ is responsible for executing and enforcing the timeline during your reception, making announcements to ensure that events occur on time and if there are any hold-ups, adjusting accordingly.

Provides sound equipment

Having high-quality, working sound equipment is an absolute must—and your wedding DJ will have that all covered. Without microphones, speakers, and the like, your guests won’t be able to hear your first introduction as a married couple, the lyrics to your first-dance song, your best man’s toast, the announcement that dinner is being served, or that the last dance is being played.

(May) supply lighting

While we do recommend hiring a company that specializes in lighting for more extensive needs, many wedding DJs offer uplighting as part of their services. Uplighting consists of smaller lighting systems that can be placed on the floor and aim light upwards to highlight your tables and dance floor. Talk to your wedding DJ to see if this is something that can be included in your package, or if you’re better suited to hire a professional lighting company.

Makes sure all equipment is working

There are few things more annoying during a wedding reception than music that’s too loud, too soft, or muffled, or worst-case scenario, dead air due to malfunctioning equipment. Not only do experienced wedding DJs utilize top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art equipment, they also do sound checks at your venue well before the reception begins to ensure that everything is working properly so there won’t be any awkward silences.

Sets the mood

Sure, you could simplify a wedding DJ’s role by saying he/she “plays the music.” But it’s really about more than just selecting and playing songs. A wedding DJ sets the tone for your reception by playing the right songs at the right times, and reading the crowd accordingly. If you want your party to be a total rager, they’ll know the right tunes to put guests in a dancing mood. Alternatively, if your goal is a reception with an old-school romantic feel, your DJ will know how to create that vintage vibe. And, a skilled wedding DJ knows exactly how to pack the dance floor if your guests are getting a little too comfortable in their chairs.

Helps you choose songs

Your wedding DJ can be a great source of advice if you’re struggling to pick songs for any of your special dances. An experienced DJ has seen first-hand which songs work and which don’t, and is up-to-date on the newest tunes. That’s why it’s important to meet with your wedding DJ (in person, if possible!) a few weeks before your wedding to make your song selects and do-not-play list. Of course, your DJ will have an extensive library of songs you (or your guests!) can request, but the key is knowing if they’re appropriate and when to play ‘em.

Serves as emcee

Emcee may be the most important role your wedding DJ will play. Think of your DJ as the host, cruise director, and point person for the evening, making announcements and ensuring that your guests are aware of what’s going on and what’s next. Having your wedding DJ serve as emcee is far more authoritative and professional than you trying to shout “Time for dinner!” over the blasting music. Your guests are more likely to follow directions from an experienced wedding DJ and will look to your DJ (instead of you or your new spouse) for information, so your big day will proceed smoothly and you can focus on enjoying every minute!

Can create mashups and song cuts

Worried your first dance song might be a bit too long? Your wedding DJ has got you covered! Want to start your father-daughter dance with a slow song and then surprise your guests by cutting into a Michael Jackson favorite? A DJ can create a custom remix just for you. Many wedding DJs are skilled at creating mashups, remixes, and adjusting song lengths to fit your needs—just ask!

Covers up any hiccups

Things may go wrong on your wedding day, but fortunately, wedding DJs are pros at getting things back on track. Let’s say dinner is running slightly behind schedule. Your DJ can play an extra few songs so that guests are too busy dancing to care that the food’s not ready. Or maybe your dad is in the restroom when he’s supposed to be giving his toast. Your DJ can cover until he’s available. Your guests won’t notice any potentially-awkward mishaps when you’ve got a pro wedding DJ at the helm.


Source: Wedding Wire

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