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Questions You Should Always Ask Your Wedding DJ

How Many Weddings Have You Worked?

It’s probably safe to say that you don’t want a band or DJ that has never worked a wedding before.


How Broad is Your Repertoire?

Your guests will be made up of all different age groups, so you can’t just have one type of music playing throughout the event. Be sure to pick an entertainer that has a broad range of music selections that they can play.


Can We See The Contract?

You want to have time to look over the contract, so ask for a copy of it right away. And, have a trusted friend or family member look it over as well. It never hurts to have an extra set of eyes review it to make sure you don’t miss anything.


What Are The Total Costs & Fees?

“It’s important to ask about all the costs and fees beyond their initial proposal,” says personal finance expert Andrea Woroch. “Some will charge extra for playing music during cocktail hour and dinner hour and may charge per hour after your pre-negotiated time is up. You may have to pay extra for the band to learn certain songs, to set up a stage and lighting, or for even having to go up and down stairs.”


Have You Played Our Venue Before?

While not necessary, if your band or DJ is familiar with the venue then that’s a definite bonus.


Do You Include Lighting?

Don’t assume that your DJ will include lighting with their package, so be sure to ask about this beforehand.


Does the Package Include Extras?

Some entertainment companies will throw in extras, such as a photo booth, to wow your guests. Be sure to ask if this is a possibility for your wedding.


Is There An Extra Charge for Steps?

Some entertainers might charge more if they have to lug their equipment up flights of stairs. If your venue lacks an elevator, mention this to any band or DJ you speak to right off the bat.


Will You Play During the Cocktail Hour?

Find out if the band or DJ will supply music during the cocktail hour. Guests won’t be dancing, but it would be nice to have some background music while they mingle.


What Happens When Guests Eat?

What do the entertainers do while the guests eat? Is there soft music, a photo slideshow, any additional entertainment to occupy them while they sit at their tables? These are details that you definitely need to sort out!


What Will You Do To Surprise Our Guests?

Creative Emcee announcements and encouraging guests involvement. Surprises are memorable, will make the wedding couple feel like their wedding was the party of the year.


Can We See You Live Beforehand?

Best case scenario, you will be able to see the DJ perform live before you commit to them. By having a meeting at our studio, we ensure you a fun “mini reception” demonstration where you can view the services that we offer live.


Are Your Performances Online?

MY DJs have video profiles and an online video conference platform as a great alternative to meet and interview the DJ in person. This will give you a good idea of how experienced and personable our DJ is!

Will You Also Emcee the Reception?

And if yes, how do you work with our wedding coordinator to make sure that everything runs on time? “All family members and friends want to do during a wedding is celebrate,” says Lack. “Giving them ‘jobs’ is not a fun thing to do. So let us handle MC’ing and we’ll buddy up with your wedding coordinator to make sure that you feel special and that the event us running on schedule.”


Can I See A  Sample Timeline?

If they’ve worked several weddings before, a DJ should be able to send you a sample timeline to show how they keep such an important event flowing and on track. Our online system offers great organization!


Will You Introduce Special Dances?

A great entertainer should be able to find the right time to introduce special moments, such as father/bride and mother/groom dances, the bouquet toss and other events you want throughout the night without losing momentum. Let them tell you how they take control of the room during these events.


How Do You Keep The Party Going?

This is all about how bands and DJ interact with their guests, says Lack. “If we’re hired to perform the cocktail hour, then being in the background is important. If we’re hired to play a reception then we want tell our couples how we keep people on the dance floor (get people to sing with us, give our percussion, play great music by sharing song list).”


Do You Have Backup Equipment?

What will a DJ do if his equipment malfunctions or something doesn’t make it to the venue? Just like you need to have a backup plan for weather, your entertainment should be prepared for any situation. You don’t want to risk not having any music at the reception.


What If Someone Gets Sick?

If the DJ–gets sick and can’t make it to the event, what happens? The answer should be that we have someone (in-house) just as talented and capable waiting in the wings so that the event won’t be affected in the least.


How Will You Handle Guest Requests?

Music invokes memories and you want to be sure that whoever you choose as your musical partner for your wedding is comfortable telling a guest that they aren’t able to play something. Ask your DJ or Band how they handle song requests from guests, especially ones that are on your “Do Not Play” list.


How Do You Dress?

You want to make sure that vendors who will be visible to your guests look like they belong at a wedding and not at a bar.


How Many Breaks Will You Take?

A DJ should get a break to eat during the night–and don’t forget that you also need to feed them!) Talk beforehand about how many breaks they’ll get and how long those breaks will be.


Do You Play Vinyl or can you mix music on beat?

For some couples, this is an important feature when hiring a DJ.


How Is The Final Payment Collected?

Find out when the final payment is due and how they expect to be paid. Whether it’s cash, check or card, you definitely want to get this taken care of in advanced.



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Difference Between a Wedding DJ and a Club DJ

What’s the Difference Between a Wedding DJ and a Club DJ?

Wedding DJs and Club DJs both offer a specific set of skills. While both are demanding in their own right, they are very different from each other. If you’re a Club DJ planning on taking on a wedding gig or vice versa, you must be prepared. The last thing you want to do is ruin a wedding by bumping trance while the bride and groom are walking down the aisle.

Master the Master of Ceremonies

As a Wedding DJ:

You’re the choreographer and the charismatic musical conductor of events and proceedings of the wedding. Weddings are planned out a year or two in advance. Everything – from walking down the aisle to the cake cutting is planned out meticulously. The Wedding DJ must know the wedding plan in detail. This means coordinating with the wedding planner, bride, groom, family members, staff – pretty much anyone involved in the ceremony. Be prepared to make announcements and be responsive and attentive. Weddings can be complex. Make sure you have knowledge of specific toasts, prayers, traditions, and other events you will need to narrate and introduce.

As a Club DJ:

Even though many Club DJs do emcee events, many find it annoying and frustrating if the Club DJ talks too long on the mic. Club goers mainly want to dance and soak in the club’s ambiance. It’s OK to introduce a remix you worked your ass off producing, but do so in a few seconds and let your tracks do the talking for you.

Engage the Crowd and Have a Likable Persona

As a Wedding DJ:

Along with being responsive and attentive, be engaging and full of positive energy. Be likeable and fun, but NOT cheesy. Keep a good level of professionalism and class. Don’t be boring or uninterested. Having the right balance of charisma and charm will take you a long way. Remember that this is one of the most important days for your clients. Treat it as such.

As a Club DJ:

The same can be said for a Club DJ, but you can definitely loosen up. The Club DJ’s scene is a bit more casual. But that doesn’t mean the Club DJ should mess around and lose focus. A charismatic Club DJ is confident, plays to the crowd, and conducts the flow of the dance floor. It can be difficult to play the crowd at first, especially if you’re opening for a headliner. Just keep at it. Be unique and full of energy. Your crowd will come around.

Broad Musical Knowledge is Key

As a Wedding DJ:

Everything from the dinner music to the first dance is incredibly important. Have Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in arm’s reach. Be ready to play Pachelbel’s Canon in a drop of a hat. Have a list ready of wedding processionals/recessionals. Memories are immortalized during these traditions. Make sure you do your part in leaving a great lasting memory.

As a Club DJ:

No matter if you’re a wedding, club, mobile, or festival DJ – a Professional DJ should have great musical knowledge. BUT that being said, it’s not crucial to have Vivaldi handy during your Club DJ set. Nonetheless, you should definitely do research on the type of music and event you will be playing and have a set list ready to go!

Have a Backup

As a Wedding DJ:

If you have technical difficulties with your gear, bring a backup iPod or iPad with a set list of music prepped for the wedding ceremony and reception. The last thing you need is awkward silence while the bride-to-be is staring at you with an I’m-going-to-kill-you death stare.

As a Club DJ:

Your USB isn’t reading? Laptop crashed? Stock up on USB sticks. Bring an extra laptop. Have plenty backups ready to weather the storm of an impatient club crowd. Don’t bring a lapse in the vibe.

Are you a Club DJ or Wedding DJ? Have you done both? Share your stories of your DJ travels in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

Source: BPM Supreme

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