DJ Ashley Cavasino

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Pro DJ | Emcee | Party Pumper

DJ Ashley Cavasino started DJ’ing back in 2010. When she was 15, her dad gave her his old DJ system and she began teaching herself how to mix music. She wanted to be able to command a crowd like her dad did when he DJ’d. She found out that music as a way to communicate to crowds of people. She has DJ’d weddings,  bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, school dances, silent discos, and even worked for Carnival Cruise Lines DJ’ing onboard their cruise ships for a year. She has also DJ’d for Disney movie premier parties where she performed for the cast of movies like Captain America, The Jungle Book, The Finest Hour, Need For Speed, and more. She’s also spent the last 3 NFL seasons DJ’ing tailgate parties for the LA Rams at the Colosseum. Overall, she loves mixing music that makes people want to dance and forget about all their troubles while just being in the moment and letting lose!